2016 - Caribbean cruise on M/S Adonia

Fantastic cruise in February 2016
1 adonia in tobago  M/S Adonia docked in Scarborough, Tobago. 2 cabin a006  Trevor in our cabin, A006 on deck 8. 3 cabin a006  Cabin A006 4 mount irvine bay tobago  Mt. Irvine Bay, Tobago.
5 mount irvine bay  Gorgeous Tobago scenery. 6 folkloric show tobago  Folkloric music and dance show in Tobago. 7 hummingbird guadeloupe  Hummingbird on flower, botanical gardens, Guadeloupe. 8 cascades des ecrvisses  Cascades des Ecrivisses, Guadeloupe.
9 longueteau distillery  Longueteau Rum Distillery, Guadeloupe.  We could taste it before we bought it!  :-) 10 fermenting rum  Fermenting sugar cane juice at the distillery. 11 vats of fermenting rum  Vats of fermenting sugar cane being turned into rum.  :-) 12 adonia in antigua  Bigger is not always better.  The Adonia (left) in Antigua, next to the American Princess Royal ship.
13 adonia st kitts  Adonia (left) next to Princess Royal in St.Kitts.  You'll never see a diamond as big as a house brick.  :-) 14 maho beach st maarten  World-famous Maho Beach, St. Maarten.  The beach is at the end of the international airport runway! 15 closer  KLM 747 coming in to land... closer. 16 closer  Closer...
17 klm jumbo  Closer... 18 klm wow  Wow! 19 landed  Just landed, in a puff of tyre smoke. 20 danger jet blast  Warning of jet blast danger.
21 jet blast  The warning says it all. 22 adonia martinique  Adonia in Martinique, looking tiny in front of the Anthem of the Seas. 23 baby bananas in martinique  Baby bananas in Martinique. 24 mont pelee volcano  Mont Pelée volcano, St.Pierre, Martinique.  The town was devastated in 1902 by a massive eruption.
25 adonia bequia  Adonia at anchor in Bequia. 26 beautiful bequia  Beautiful unspoilt coastline in Bequia, St. Vincent & Grenadines. 27 big crayfish  Catch of the day, Bequia. 28 rugged bequia  Bequia.
29 hawksbill turtle  Hawksbill turtle, Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, Bequia. 30 turtle sanctuary  Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary.