2011 - Amazon Adventure

Our cruise on M/S Braemar to the Amazon in February 2011.
braemar  M/S Braemar docked in Barbados. We started and finished our voyage here, crossing the Equator both ways. SPA50932  Cabin 7054 on M/S Braemar. SPA50933  Trevor in cabin 7054. 5 santarem  Boats in Santarém. The boats were loaded with fruits, vegetables and human cargo for the six-day journey to Manaus.
SPA50940  Rubber tapping in Santarém. The latex is collected in a cup attached to the tree. SPA50942  Children playing in the forest. Santarém manioc flour "factory". SPA50941  Processing the manioc flour. This forms the staple of the Amazonian diet. SPA50943  Food products made with manioc flour. There were both sweet and savoury items.
10 beetle  Beetle from the Amazon. The cigarette lighter is for size comparison! SPA50938  Massive moth from the Amazon. The ship was full of creepy-crawlies each evening. SPA50944  Boi-Bumba Festival, Parintins. This was an hour-long excerpt from the traditional festival about a resurrected ox. SPA50946  Boi-Bumba Festival, Parintins.
SPA50947  Boi-Bumba Festival, Parintins. SPA50950  Boi-Bumba Festival, Parintins. SPA51010  Hand-drawn map showing location of Ecopark. We stayed in a lodge in the Amazon Jungle for two days and a night. SPA50969  Our Lodge, no. 9A, at the Ecopark. A very simple, but comfortable place to spend the night.
SPA50970  The path through the forest outside our hut. A lovely way to get closer to nature. SPA50971  Trevor resting on his bed in our hut. SPA50972  The bathroom and "wardrobe" in our hut. SPA50973  Caipirinha - Brazil's national drink. Delicious and refreshing, these drinks are unexpectedly strong!
SPA50982  Sunloungers at the ecopark.  You just swam in the river. SPA50957  Wild monkey in the forest near the Ecopark. SPA50963  Scarlet-faced monkey in a tree. SPA50964  Feeding time for the monkeys. Some had been rescued from captivity, and were being released back into the wild.
SPA50999  A visitor to the lodge, in the shape of a scarlet macaw. Colourful birds flew freely in and around the open-air reception area. SPA51008  Green parrot comes to the bar for a drink! SPA50984  Native children in the forest near their village. SPA50986  An indigenous tribe entertains us with music and dancing.
SPA50985  The chief, or elder, of the tribe. SPA50990  Indigenous peoples of the Amazon. SPA50991  Trevor joins in the local dancing! He was honoured to wear the chief's head-dress! SPA50996  A young native girl
SPA50966  The rustic river boats. This is how we got about; simple but effective. SPA50967  The peace and tranquillity of the Amazon rainforest. SPA51000  Caiman alligator. One of the guides caught a caiman for us to photograph, before it was released back into the river. SPA50978  Green and brown lizard on the path.
SPA51003  Bats roosting inside a hollow tree trunk. SPA51004  Giant ant on a stick.  Compare to the size of the man's hand! SPA51014  The Braemar at anchor in Boca da Valeria. This was a tiny village near to Parintins. 40 boca da valeria  Houses on stilts in Boca da Valeria.
SPA51015  Swarms of children followed us in Boca da Valeria. SPA51019  M/S Braemar at anchor at Alter do Chao. This was a small, sandy beach on the banks of the river, with a small village and a few shops. SPA51021  Small beach and landing stage at Alter do Chao. SPA51022  The effects of three caipirinhas at Alter do Chao!
SPA51024  Crossing the Equator, heading north again.