2006 - Antarctic Expedition

A voyage of discovery to the White Continent in January 2006.
1first glimpse  First glimpse of the White Continent from our porthole. 2white continent  Deception Island, South Shetlands - 62° 40’ S, 60° 30’ W 3deception island1  Deception Island 4deception island2  Deception Island
5zodiacs  The Zodiac landing craft on board Marco Polo. 6antarctic icescape  Cuverville Island, Antarctica – 64° 40’ S, 62° 36’ W 7crabeater cuverville  Crabeater Seal on ice floe, Cuverville Island, Antarctica 8cuverville ice floes  More of the ice-scape at Cuverville Island
9leopard seal on ice floe  Leopard Seal on ice-floe, Cuverville Island 10cuverville icescape  Another irresistible Antarctic ice-scape. 11leopard seal cuverville  Another leopard seal, basking on a passing ice-floe. 12marco polo cuverville island1  Marco Polo anchored off Cuverville Island.
13marco polo cuverville island2  Marco Polo amongst icebergs. 14marco polo cuverville island3  Marco Polo anchored off Cuverville Island. 15lemaire channel1  LeMaire Channel, Antarctica – 65° 01’ S, 63° 51’ W 16glacier moraine lemaire  Glacier forming, LeMaire Channel, Antarctica.
17crabeater and leopard seal  Crabeater seal (left) and leopard seal. 18lemaire channel2  LeMaire Channel. 19seals lemaire  Seals in LeMaire Channel. 21gentoo port lockroy  Port Lockroy, Antarctica – 64° 49’ S, 63° 29’ W
22gentoos port lockroy  Gentoos on guano-covered rock, Port Lockroy. 23whale skeleton  Skeleton of Humpback Whale, Port Lockroy. 24gentoos port lockroy2  More gentoo penguins. 25gentoos port lockroy3  Gentoo penguins.
26gentoos with chicks  Gentoos with chicks. 27more gentoos  Gentoos. 28yet more gentoos  Yet more gentoos. 29four zodiacs  Zodiac dinghies attempting to divert an iceberg.
30gentoos paradise harbour  Paradise Harbour, Antarctica – 64° 49’ S, 62° 51’ W 31marco polo paradise harbour  Marco Polo in a stunning ice-scape. 32chinstrap penguins  Half Moon Island, South Shetlands – 62° 36’ S, 59° 55’ W