2013 - A Song of the South

Cruise to South America on M/S Arcadia in January 2013.
2013-01-09 12.16.51  Mt. Teide against a cloudless Tenerife sky. 2013-01-09 12.17.16  Terraced vineyards in Tenerife. recife thoroughfare  Thoroughfare in Recife, Brazil. Colourful shops in streets full of character. 2013-01-15 10.21.20  Igreja Nossa Senhora Livramento, Recife. Church of Our Lady of Deliverance.
2013-01-15 12.11.52  Mauricio de Nassau Bridge, Recife. Built on the site of the first major bridge in South America. 2013-01-15 12.32.49  The good ship Arcadia docked in Recife, Brazil. SPA51492  São Conrado Beach, Rio de Janeiro. One of the beautiful beaches to be found in Rio. 800px-PaodeAcucar  The famous Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro.
SPA51499  Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro. SPA51501  Beach front at Copacabana Beach. SPA51507  Sugarloaf Mountain. SPA51510  Another view of Pão de Açúcar.
SPA51514  Stands built in readiness for the Rio Carnival. debbie deckparty  Getting into the Carnival spirit on the Arcadia. Debbie joins in the carnival-themed deck party as the ship leaves Rio de Janeiro. 2013-01-22 09.05.31  Palacio Salvo, Independence Square, Montevideo. 2013-01-22 10.28.35  Sculpture in Parc Batlle, Montevideo, Uruguay.
legislative palace montevideo  Legislative Palace, Montevideo. 2013-01-22 09.54.58  Inside the Legislative Palace. SPA51529  Beautiful decor inside Legislative Palace. SPA51536  The last South American Indian family.
SPA51538  Monumento La Carreto, Montevideo. Oxen pulling wagon train. SPA51539  Another view of Monumento La Carreta. SPA51541  Monumento La Carreta. SPA51546  Sculpture at Montevideo.
SPA51548  Anchor of the battleship Admiral Graf Spee. A relic in Montevideo of the Battle of the River Plate in 1939. SPA51549  Telemeter from the Admiral Graf Spee. Relics from the battle can be found at the harbour in Montevideo. 2013-01-23 10.57.13  The rear of the Arcadia, docked in Montevideo.