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Artemis Braemar Arcadia To the Ends of the Earth Small map of the Antarctic peninsula and the Drake Passage
Clicking on the small maps below will open a full-size map (1024 x 768) in its own window, on which I have drawn the route each ship took. For clarity, I have listed the ports of call on each voyage separately, along with their geographical co-ordinates (latitude and longitude.)
Ship:  M/S Marco Polo, 13-20 January 2006 This expedition was preceded and followed by a very worthwhile stay in Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina. Ushuaia, Argentina: 54º 47' S, 68º 18' W Cross the Antarctic Convergence at 60º 00' S Deception Island, South Shetlands: 62º 40' S, 60º 30' W Cuverville Island, Antarctica: 64º 40' S, 62º 36' W LeMaire Channel, Antarctica: 65º 01' S, 63º 51' W Port Lockroy, Antarctica: 64º 49' S, 63º 29' W Paradise Harbour, Antarctica: 64º 49' S, 62º 51' W Half Moon Island, South Shetlands: 62º 36' S, 59º 55' W Ushuaia, Argentina: 54º 47' 58" S, 68º 18' 03" W
Gentoo penguins with chicks - January 2006
Gentoo penguins with chicks in Port Lockroy.
Small map showing Svalbard and proximity to North Pole
Ship:  M/S Boudicca, 4-18 July 2008 Leith, Scotland: 55º 57' N, 3º 10' W Molde, Norway: 62º 44' N, 7º 10' E Andalsnes, Norway: 62º 34' N, 7º 42' E Cross the Arctic Circle at 66º 30' N, Tromsø, Norway: 69º 39' N, 18º 57' E Honningsvåg, Norway: 70º 59' N, 25º 58' E Longyearbyen, Svalbard: 78º 13' N, 15º 37' E Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard: 78º 56' N, 11º 56E Bergen, Norway: 60º 23' N, 5º 18' E Leith, Scotland: 55º 57' N, 3º 10' W
The Magdalenafjord in Spitsbergen, at almost 80 north
The Magdalenefjord in Svalbard, almost 80º north.
Small map of cruise to North Cape, Norway
Ship:  M/V Funchal, 13-25 June 1999 Dundee, Scotland: 56º 28' N, 2º 58' W Lerwick, Shetlands: 60º 09' N, 1º 09' W Cross the Arctic Circle at 66º 30' N, Bodø, Norway: 67º 17' N, 14º 22' E Tromsø, Norway: 69º 39' N, 18º 57' E Hammerfest, Norway: 70º 41' N, 23º 38' E Nordkapp (North Cape): 71º 10' N, 25º 46' E Honningsvåg, Norway: 70º 59' N, 25º 58' E Geirangerfjord, Norway: 62º 07' N, 6º 57' E Bergen, Norway: 60º 23' N, 5º 18' E Harwich, England: 51º 56' N, 1º 16' E
The Arctic Cathedral in Tromso, Norway
The famous Arctic Cathedral at Tromsø, Norway.
Small map showing Iceland and the Faroes
Ship:  M/V Funchal, 28 May - 9 June 2006 Instead of Grundarfjörður in Iceland, we should have visited Kulusuk and Ammassalik in Greenland, but a 25nm belt of pack and sea ice prevented us from doing so! Dundee, Scotland: 56º 28' N, 2º 58' W Reykjavik, Iceland: 64º 09' N, 21º 57' W Grundarfjörður, Iceland: 64º 55' N, 23º 16' W Isafjörður, Iceland: 66º 05' N, 23º 09' W Akureyri, Iceland: 65º 39' N, 19º 10' W Tórshavn, Faroe Islands: 62º 01' N, 6º 47' W Kingston-upon-Hull, England: 53º 47' N, 0º 23' W
Humpback whale in Akureyri, Iceland
Tail of humpback whale in Akureyri, Iceland.
Nautical miles sailed to date
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