2012 - Tour of China

Our visit to Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing and Shenzhen in August 2012.
2012-08-09 08.23.15  Morning exercise class in Shanghai. SPA51332  Entrance to the ornate Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai. SPA51341  The magnificent Jade Buddha. 2012-08-09 09.04.13  Statues in the Jade Buddha Temple.
2012-08-09 10.19.30  Oyster with natural cultured pearl. China is the world's largest producer of cultured pearls SPA51346  The Bund skyline, Shanghai. SPA51353  Shanghai Maglev Train (SMT). The world's fastest train with a top speed of 431 km/h. It is a magnetic levitation train, where the wheels don't actually touch the track. 2012-08-10 17.13.21  Our welcome at the City Gate, Xi'an.
2012-08-10 17.15.19  Inside the City Gates, Xi'an. We were treated to an elaborate reception and given a 'golden key' as esteemed guests. 2012-08-10 17.15.52  Traditional dancers, Xi'an. SPA51364  Colourful costumes inside the gates of Xi'an. SPA51366  Xi'an city walls. North main gate tower.
2012-08-11 08.52.16  Clay potter creating colourful painted dragons. 2012-08-11 08.52.29  Hand-made and hand-painted dragon ornament. 2012-08-11 08.59.20  Life-size replica terracotta warriors. 2012-08-11 08.59.32  Terracotta Army warriors. These were the replica ones on sale in the shop at the excavation site
SPA51372  Trevor becomes a Terracotta Warrior! 2012-08-11 11.03.07  Terracotta Warriors, pit 1 of the excavation site. army pit1 1  Terracotta warriors, including horses. SPA51374  Another view of the Terracotta Warriors in Pit 1.
SPA51376  Terracotta Warriors. The statues date back to 220-219 BC, and were discovered by chance by workmen digging a well in March 1974. SPA51388  Monument to the People, Tiananmen Square, Beijing. SPA51390  The famous Tiananmen Square, Beijing. SPA51395  Portrait of Chairman Mao, Tiananmen Square. Just above the gates to the Forbidden City.
SPA51398  A building in the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City is just beyond Tiananmen Square and is about a mile long by half a mile wide - incredible. SPA51402  The vast, incredible Forbidden City. It contains over 900 buildings and about 8,000 rooms. SPA51403  Forbidden City. SPA51423  The "Birds' Nest" stadium, Beijing. The stadium that was built for the 2008 Olympic Games.
SPA51425  The Olympic aquatic centre, Beijing. Nicknamed "The Cube". SPA51431  Start of the Great Wall of China. SPA51433  The entrance to the Great Wall at Badaling. This was where we started to "walk the wall". SPA51437  The famous Great Wall of China.
SPA51438  The iconic and instantly recognisable Great Wall. SPA51443  Statue at the Beijng Summer Palace. SPA51444  Beijing Summer Palace. SPA51451  Gateway to the Summer Palace.