2007 - Treasures of Ancient Egypt

Our Nile cruise in May 2007.
3 pyramids  The Pyramids of Giza. great pyramid  The Great Pyramid. 2nd pyramid  King Khafre's Pyramid (the 2nd pyramid). sphinx  One of Egypt's most famous landmarks - the Sphinx.
SPA50216  The temple at Karnak. karnak1  Ram's Headed Sphinxes at Karnak Temple. karnak2  Obelisk at Karnak Temple. nile sunset  Sunset on the Nile.
star of luxor  The "Star of Luxor", our river cruiser. SPA50208  The Aga Khan's Mausoleum. high dam  The High Dam at Aswan. kom ombo  The temple at Kom Ombo.
SPA50198  Sarcophagi at Kom Ombo Temple. edfu  Edfu temple. SPA50196  Edfu Temple.