2016 - Gorgeous Greenland

M/S Boudicca cruise to Faroes, Iceland and Greenland in August 2016
1 faroes turf roof  Turfed rooftops in Nordic countries are very common, and provide good insulation. 2 boudicca torshavn  Boudicca docked in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. 3 church vagar  Sandavágur Church, island of Vagar, with its distinctive red roof. 3a church vagar  Frieze inside Sandavágur church, depicting the road to the crucifiction.
4 church vagar  Inside Sandavágur church. 5 blue lagoon reykjavik  The world-famous Blue Lagoon, near Reykjavik, Iceland. 6 blue lagoon2  The temperature of the water is between 37-40 degrees Celsius, so it's like taking a bath! 6a blue lagoon  The opaque blue waters from which the Lagoon gets its name.
7 tasiilaq  Boudicca at anchor off Tasiilaq, Greenland. 8 tasiilaq  Colourful wooden houses in Tasiilaq. 9 tasiilaq  Choir singers performed for us in Tasiilaq. 10 tasiilaq  The quiet main thoroughfare in Tasiilaq.  Hardly any cars were about at all.
11 tasiilaq  Main road in remote Tasiilaq. 12 tasiilaq  House in Tasiilaq, with the Boudicca (and a few icebergs) in the background. 13 tasiilaq iceberg  One of the many huge icebergs we saw. 14 tasiilaq iceberg2  Iceberg in the fjord outside Tasiilaq.
15 tasiilaq iceberg3  Massive iceberg, enough to sink the Boudicca! 16 glacier1  Glacier in the Prins Christian Sund, Greenland. 16a glacier  Prins Christian Sund, Greenland. 17 whale  Whale in the fjord.  We saw several whales as they are common in Greenland.
18 cruising fjord  Trevor poses on the Boudicca in the Torssukatak fjord. 19 cruising fjord  Beautiful Torssukatak fjord, Greenland. 20 cruising fjord  Stunning scenery in a mirror-like fjord. 21 glacier  Glacier in the Torssukatak fjord.
22 qoroq ice fjord  Stunning iceberg in Qoroq, off Narsarsuaq. 23 qoroq ice fjord  Another iceberg. 24 qoroq ice fjord  Yet another iceberg. 25 sculpted by nature  Gorgeous blue iceberg, Qoroq.
25a ice ice baby  Ice, ice baby.  :-) 26 boudicca narsarsuaq  The Boudicca in Narsarsuaq. 26b icebergs narsarsuaq  Ice floes and growlers in the harbour at Narsarsuaq. 26c qaqortoq  Qaqortoq, Greenland.
26a hvalsey church  Ruins of Hvalsey Church, the oldest Viking church in Greenland.  It is built of dry stone. 27 Northern Lights1  The amazing Aurora Borealis en route to Nanortalik, taken from the Boudicca. 28 Northern Lights2  The Northern Lights in the sky above us, as we sailed to Nanortalik.  Wow! 29 Northern Lights3  The Northern Lights above the Boudicca, 23/8/16, en route to Nanortalik.
30 nanortalik  The picturesque little town of Nanortalik.  In the Inuit language, the town's name translates as "the place where polar bears come". 31 church nanortalik  Nanortalik, Greenland. 32 kayaks nanortalik  Kayakers and boatmen in Nanortalik. 33 coat of arms nanortalik  The three polar bears are the coat of arms in Nanortalik.