2015 - RMS Lusitania Remembered

A voyage on the Queen Victoria in May 2015 to remember RMS Lusitania, 100 years after her sinking in WW1.
qm2 southampton  As the celebrations to mark the 175th anniversary of Cunard begin, Queen Mary 2 waits in Southampton to lead the procession of the three Cunard Queens. qm2 qe southampton  Queen Elizabeth (right) waits for Queen Mary 2 to get into position to lead the convoy.  Photo taken from our vantage point on board the Queen Victoria. qm2 southampton2  Flagship of the Cunard fleet, Queen Mary 2, ready to leave in Southampton.  You can just see the Queen Elizabeth in the background (right). qe qm2 southampton  Queen Mary 2 leads the fleet out of Southampton; Queen Elizabeth waiting to take her place behind.
SPA52320  Queen Mary 2 (right) and Queen Elizabeth in Southampton.  Taken from our vantage point on board Queen Victoria. ship convoy  The Queens setting out from Southampton to mark 175 years of Cunard. convoy of queens  A convoy of Queens - QM2 and QE taken from the Queen Victoria, bringing up the rear. SPA52326  A special dessert in which Cunard celebrates its 175 years, with the three funnels of the Queens.
20150504 131022  Cabin 4119 on board Queen Victoria, our home for a week. 20150505 094329  Cabin 4119. 20150504 131046  Another view of Cabin 4119. 20150505 094929  The atrium and grand staircase on the Queen Victoria.
20150506 134614  The Winter Garden (note the retractable roof) on board the Queen Victoria. SPA52329  Queen Victoria docked in Cobh, Ireland, in May 2015. 20150507 103926  The monument to commemorate the sinking of the Lusitania, and the part that the people of Cobh played in the rescue efforts. 20150507 103933  Lusitania monument, Cobh, Ireland.
20150507 111351  The Queen Victoria moored up in Cobh, Ireland. SPA52331  Queen Victoria in Cobh, 100 years after the sinking of the Lusitania. 20150507 133645  The President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, gives a touching speech to remember all those who died in the Lusitania tragedy. lusitania higgins  Michael D Higgins gives a speech at the "Lusitania Remembered" memorial ceremony.
SPA52337  The master of the Queen Victoria, Commodore Christopher Rynd, reads an account from one of the Lusitania's survivors. SPA52335  David Dingle, the Chairman of Cunard, gives a speech in front of dignitaries and relatives of those who perished in the disaster. IMG 0107  Statue in Cobh harbour of Annie Moore and her brothers.  Annie was the first Irish emigrant to be processed at Ellis Island, New York on 1st January 1892. IMG 0109  The wreaths left at the Lusitania monument by the Ambassadors from Britain, Germany (nearest) and the USA and Ireland (left).
IMG 0128  The candlelit procession of boats to mark the return of the lifeboats to Cobh 100 years ago. IMG 0131  Candlelit flotilla of boats sails past the Queen Victoria on the evening of 7th May 2015.