2010 - Queen Mary 2 Indian Ocean Voyage

Dubai to Hong Kong leg of the 2010 world cruise.
1 cochin church  Christian church in Cochin, India. Cochin (Kochi) was our first port of call. 2 cochin food  Authentic Indian food in Cochin. The menu looks quite interesting! 3 chinese nets  Chinese fishing nets, Cochin. This was an intriguing way of catching fish. 4 chinese nets  Chinese fishing nets, Cochin.
5 chinese nets  Chinese fishing nets, Cochin. 6 chinese nets  Chinese fishing nets, Cochin. 7 phuket  Phuket, Thailand. The clear skies and azure waters in Phuket. 9 phuket  Elephant Shrine in Phuket, Thailand
10 wat chalong  Wat Chalong Temple, Phuket. 11 wat chalong  Wat Chalong Temple, Phuket. 13 wat chalong  Wat Chalong Temple, Phuket. 14 wat chalong  Wat Chalong Temple, Phuket.
15 phuket  Coconut seller, Phuket. 16 phuket  Drinking the water from a freshly picked green coconut was blissfully refreshing in the tropical heat. 17 kl  Independence Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 18 kl  War memorial in Independence Square, KL.
20 kl  Inside the Petronas Towers, KL. 21 petronas towers  The famous Petronas Towers, KL. This is the highest walkway in the world. 22 petronas towers  Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur. 23 raffles  The world-famous Raffles Hotel, Singapore.
24 long bar  The famous Long Bar, Raffles Hotel. Everyone has to come here for a Singapore Sling. 25 prices long bar  Long Bar price list. You need a bank loan to afford a round of drinks here! 26 tangs orchard road  CK Tang Department Store, Orchard Road, Singapore. 27 jalan hikayat  23 Jalan Hikayat, Sembawang Springs, Singapore. I lived in this house from 1968-70!
28 inside jalan hikayat  23 Jalan Hikayat. A real trip back in time. The owner of the house kindly allowed us to see inside. Amazing. 29 folkloric  Chinese/Indian folkloric show. They came on board the QM2 to give us a taste of the local entertainment. 31 folkloric  Chinese Lion, part of the folkloric show. 32 folkloric  Folkloric show in Singapore.
33 bangkok  Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. 34 bangkok  Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. This was really crowded. 35 bangkok  Gilded statues at the Palace in Bangkok. 36 bangkok  Palace, Bangkok, Thailand.
37 hongkong  Famous Hong Kong skyline. You can see the HSBC bank headquarters as well as the former Prince of Wales building. chinese ny1  Chinese New Year preparations in Hong Kong. chinese ny2  Kong Hee Fat Choy! Happy New Year! chinese ny3  Chinese New Year, Hong Kong.
stateroom 8093  Stateroom 8093 on the Queen Mary 2. surf n turf  Surf and Turf for dinner - yum yum. grumpy lion 1  Some of the amazing artwork on the QM2.  This one depicts "Africa". pavilion  Pavilion pool.
qe2 from qm2  The QE2 in Dubai, as seen from the QM2. QM2 funnel  QM2 funnel.