2014 - Peruvian Adventure

Our tour of the fascinating country of Peru in May 2014.
1a casa literatura  Casa de Literatura, Lima. This former railway station is now the library and literature centre in Lima. 2main square lima  Plaza Mayor (Main Square), Lima. The main city square in Lima. 3a pres palace  Presidential Palace, Lima. 3pres palace lima  The palace has guards outside, the way we do at Buckingham Palace in Britain.
4miraflores lima  Miraflores district in Lima. An early morning ride along the Pacific coastline in Lima. 5pachacamac pyramid  Archaeological site at Pachacamac. A fascinating look at the pyramids of Pachacamac. 6pachacamac  Former administration building, Pachacamac. One of the restored buildings at the archaeological site. 7cormorants  Cormorants on an abandoned boat at Ballestas Islands. The Ballestas Islands, near Paracas, are a haven for wildlife including many different birds, seals and sea-lions.
8seal and pup  Seal and pup on rocks at Ballestas Islands. How on earth they got up there is beyond me! 9el candelabro  "El Candelabro", curious geoglyph near the Ballestas Islands. Believed to have been used as a beacon to seafarers. 10 penguins  Humboldt Penguins at the Ballestas Islands. You only find penguins in the wild in the southern hemisphere. 11 main arequipe  Main square in Arequipa, Peru's second city. Arequipa is located around 8,000 feet above sea-level.
12 misti  Misti and Chachani mountains, near Arequipa. Misti is a volcano at 19,101 feet above sea level; we can also see the Chacani mountain (19,931 feet). 13 pichu pichu  Pikchu Pikchu mountain, 18,599 feet. 14 colca canyon  Colca Canyon, at over 13,000 feet deep, is more than twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA. 15 trevor colca canyon  Trevor at Condor Valley, Colca Canyon. At this point we were about 16,000 above sea level, and suffering from altitude sickness.
16 panpipe band colca  Typical Andean musicians. No trip to Peru is complete without some panpipe music. :-) 17 inca terraces  Inca terraces at Sillustani. 18 alpaca  Alpaca and vicuña, a common sight in Peru. Alpaca and vicuña are valued for their warm and very soft fleece. 19 mountains lakes  Lake Titicaca, Puno. At 12,000 feet above sea level, Lake Titicaca is the world's highest navigable lake.
20 reed boats titicaca  Totora reed boat on Lake Titicaca. Boats, buildings and even whole floating 'islands' are made from the totora reed, and the locals live on the lake in them. 21 tortora reeds titicaca  Totora reed island and dwellings, Lake Titicaca. 22 peruvian ladies titicaca  Ladies in traditional dress at Lake Titicaca. This style of dress is very common among the Peruvian women. 23 reed village children  Children on the reed island, Lake Titicaca.
24 reed craft titicaca  Baballitos de totora, Lake Titicaca. Traditional straddled reed boats on the lake. 24a perurail  The PeruRail train to Machu Picchu. Note the glass roof, which allowed us to look up at the mountains. 1 machu picchu  Famous view of Machu Picchu. Note the Inca agricultural terraces, a well-known sight throughout Peru. 25 machu picchu  Machu Picchu.
26 machu picchu  Machu Picchu. 28 machu picchu temples  Agricultural terraces, Machu Picchu. 29 machu picchu  Machu Picchu. 30 inca terraces  A good view of the Inca terraces.
31 machu picchu  Temple ruins at Machu Picchu. 33 juan santillana  Someone was here before Hiram Bingham! Although the American explorer Hiram Bingham is credited with 'discovering' Machu Picchu in 1911, a faint carving on the stone here shows the name Juan Santillana and the date of July 1902 underneath (date not visible in photo). 34 temples  Fantastic view of a citadel up in the Andes. It's a marvel that this whole Inca city was built 8,000 feet up in the mountains. 35 view from guardhouse  View of Machu Picchu from the guardhouse.
36 cuzco cloisters  Santo Domingo Convent, Cuzco. 37 llamas  A herd of llamas at Saksayhuaman. 38 cuzco statue  Statue of Inca leader Pachacuteq, in Cuzco. Pachacuteq was the ninth ruler of the Inca state. 39 saksayhuaman  Giant stone blocks at the fort of Saksayhuaman, near Cuzco.
40 cuzco from saksayhuaman  A view of Cuzco from Saksayhuaman. 41 cuzco coricancha  Qorinkancha temple and convent, Cuzco. 42 trevor rosario  Trevor with our fantastic guide, Rosario Malca. Rosario was with us for the whole two weeks of the tour.