2012 - Titanic Memorial Cruise

Sailing in the wake of RMS Titanic, 100 years later.
1 balmoral  M/S Balmoral. The Balmoral is a similar size to the Titanic, being 43,537 tons against the Titanic's 46,000 tons. 2 musicians memorial  Memorial to the Titanic's brave bandsmen. This memorial plaque is in Southampton. It bears the inscription "They Died At Their Posts Like Men". 3 memorial  Memorial to the Titanic's officers and crew. This one is also in Southampton. 4 thomas millar  In remembrance of some of the crew. You can see the name Thomas Millar. His great-granddaughter, Susie Millar, was on board the Balmoral sharing her great-grandfather's story with us.
5 waiting to board  Waiting to board at Southampton. As well as the White Star Line pennant, there were photos of some of the key passengers and crew. Here we see lookout Frederick Fleet and passenger Millvena Dean. 6 bellboys  Bell-boys, 1912 style. Some of the staff at Southampton dressed in period costume. 6 waiting to board  Captain Smith and Second Officer Lightoller. 7 maids  "3rd Class passengers", Southampton. Some of the staff getting into the spirit.
8 arrival in cobh  Our arrival in Cobh (Queenstown), Ireland. Everyone, it seemed, had turned out to meet the Balmoral on this unique voyage. 9 white star  White Star Line building, Cobh. This was the original White Star booking office, from which Titanic passengers bought their tickets. 10 white star  White Star Line building, Cobh. Another view of the White Star building. 11 balmoral in cobh  M/S Balmoral in Cobh.
12 plaque in cobh  Memorial plaque to the Titanic victims, Cobh. Cobh (formerly Queenstown) was the Titanic's last port of call. 13 plaque in cobh  Memorial plaque, Cobh. This is the inscription shown below the commemorative plaque in the previous photo. 14 champagne breakfast  Champagne breakfast on the Balmoral. Smoked salmon, fresh fruit and champagne for breakfast. :-) 15 4170  Cabin 4170, M/S Balmoral. Our "home" for twelve nights.
16 formal evening  Debbie in 1912 formal dress. Many of the passengers got into the spirit of the occasion and dressed in period costume. 17 debbie gladrags  More free champers at the Captain's cocktail party. There were three such parties on this voyage, and we consumed copious quantities of free booze at each. :-) 17a table61  Donny and Barbara from Toronto, Canada. Our table 61 companions, in whose company we spent many a pleasant hour. 17b table61  Joanna and David from Ohio, USA. This father-and-daughter couple also graced our table in the restaurant. Mealtimes were a real occasion and a pleasure.
18 boat deck  Boat deck on the Balmoral. There is a certain irony to viewing the lifeboat stations when on the Titanic memorial cruise. 19 morning light  Morning Light Pub, M/S Balmoral. 20 pool deck  Jacuzzi on Deck 7, aft. We often sat out here after breakfast in the Palms Café. 21 pool deck  Deck 7, aft. It was from this deck that the memorial service was held on 14/15 April.
22 chart  Ship's chart, showing our route across the Atlantic. The position of the Titanic wreck is also marked on the chart. 23 bow  Balmoral bow, heading across the "Pond". 23a wake  Pool deck (deck 7) and wake of the Balmoral. Full steam ahead across the Atlantic. 24 funnel  Funnel of the Balmoral, showing Fred.Olsen logo.
25 upper deck  The Marquee deck (deck 11) on the Balmoral. A pleasant place to sit if the weather was hot enough. 26 titanic artist  Artist James Flood completes another painting. He specialises in painting maritime scenes, particularly the Titanic. The original paintings fetch some fantastic prices. 27 wreaths  Commemorative wreath for commital to the deep. Three commemorative wreaths were cast into the ocean above the Titanic wreck. 28 wreaths  Commemorative wreath.
29 wreaths  Commemorative wreaths. 30 musicians  The musicians do a musical tribute to the Titanic. They played tunes from Wallace Hartley's band's repertoire. 31 musicians  "Gentlemen, it has been an honour to play with you." 32 memorial  Gathering on Deck 7 aft for the memorial service. The White Star Line pennant flies from the stern mast.
33 white star  The White Star Line pennant flies from the mast. A perfectly fitting tribute. 34 coordinates  The GPS co-ordinates of the Titanic wreck. 35 memorials  Passengers left personal tributes to the 1500 dead. 36 unknown grave  "Died 15th April 1912". A gravestone for one of the many unknown victims whose bodies were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
37 grave  Another Titanic disaster victim. 38 hume  "He played on as the ship went down." Floral tribute for John Law Hume, one of the bandsmen on the Titanic. 39 elliott  Died on duty - 15th April 1912. 40 fairview  Victims of the Titanic disaster, Fairview Lawn Cemetery Halifax, Nova Scotia.
41 pier 54  The remains of Pier 54, New York City. Pier 54 was where the Carpathia docked on 17th April 1912, carrying 705 survivors of the Titanic disaster. 42 crew show  Balmoral Crew Show. Traditional Indonesian dance. 43 crew show  The colourful Crew Show. 44 crew show  Thai members of the Balmoral crew. The "lady" at the front is actually a guy; he was a barman in the Lido lounge.
45 crew show  The engine room crew members entertain us.